Dr Arun Kumar Mehta reviews the functioning of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Sheep and Fisheries


The Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta reviewed the functioning of the Department of Animals, Sheep Farming and Fisheries, and the achievements under the main projects of the sector. the Department attended the meeting. During the meeting, various sectors including dairy, poultry and programs under the Department were discussed in detail. It was informed that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has made significant progress in the production of milk and meat during the fiscal year 2020-21 and a total of 2594.49 thousand tons of milk , 88.94 thousand tons of meat and 1743.30 thousand tons of egg production was achieved. It was noted that to meet local demands, massive imports of meat, poultry and eggs are currently required, and as such, the Chief Secretary requested the Department to explore other avenues to stimulate local production. Dr Mehta observed that there is still enormous potential to further improve income and livelihoods in the Union territory to the tune of around Rs1500 crore over the next 3 years.

The Chief Secretary further observed that the combined initiatives to improve the qualitative production of apples, cash crops, poultry, fodder and meat have the potential to add around 5,000 crore rupees to the economy at middle term. Under the Integrated Dairy Development Program (IDDS), around 2,000 people were engaged in 1,000 new units and the figure is expected to rise to 6,000. In addition, IDDS was able to reverse the dairy production scenario. on the territory of the Union, leading to an increase in annual milk production from 18,000 MT in 2019-20 to 140,000 MT in 2021-22. As part of initiatives to combat diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and brucellosis in livestock, the Department vaccinates all animals in mission mode as part of the National Animal Disease Control Program (NADCP-II) with the aim of eradicating the two diseases by 2030. It was informed that this year, no epidemic of these diseases has been reported so far. Appreciation of the organ Isant Pashu Mandi in Lakhanpur, who has helped local farmers buy top quality cattle in UT from vendors in neighboring states like Punjab and Haryana, the chief secretary asked the ministry to make it a regular part and explore as well the possibility of organizing such tariffs in other areas of the Union territory, adding that this would not only work for the benefit of the local farmer, but would also stimulate the dairy economy. The chief secretary was also informed of the establishment of a group of dairy units in Nagri block in Kathua district.

Regarding the sheep farming sector, he was informed that the integrated sheep development scheme launched in 2020 has been a great success. To date, 2,284 goat sheep units have been created and a further 693 will be created by the end of this fiscal year, creating direct jobs for 5,954 people and increasing sheep production by around 12 Kgs lake. was informed that the stock was being replenished at Daksum. These rams are initially used for improving departmental livestock and will then be distributed in the field. During the review of the fishing sector, the Chief Secretary was informed that fish production, which was 21,100 MT until March 31, 2020 is expected. increase by 25% by March 31, 2022, while trout production alone is expected to increase by 156% by the same period. The Department also informed the meeting about the establishment of a fish market in Jammu which would provide a hygienic environment for the sale of fish. trout breeding / production and asked the department to be a facilitator and encourage private actors to be part of the initiative. , Horticulture, Forest and RDD.


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