Don’t just blame plantation workers – Mano Ganesan, TPA leader


The leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA), Mano Ganesan, said the Sri Lanka Association of Estate Managers condemned the attack on estate officials and warned that they would refrain from administering the domain. He said their concern and condemnation is justified and the TPA does not condone such attacks.

He said, however, that the reason for the attack on estate officials was the frustration of the workers. “Their livelihoods have all collapsed like never before in history. But without fixing them and reorganizing the crumbling plantation sector, the blame should not be blamed solely on these frustrated workers, ”added the TPA chief.

MP Ganesan, however, questioned why the government’s attention had not yet focused on the problems of declining incomes of workers and plantation companies, worker frustration and the decline of the plantation industry.

“Why did the Ceylon Workers’ Congress, a partner of the government in the plantations, not understand the gravity of the situation? I am amazed at this silence. I don’t understand if this silence is a deceptive ploy to hide the government’s inability to rectify this situation, ”said MP Mano Ganesan.

The MP said this is due to the worst decline in the livelihoods of plantation workers in recent history.

“All the activities that we have initiated, including the construction of houses in the subdivisions, have come to a standstill. They organize opening ceremonies for the housing construction that we have started. The living conditions of the families of agricultural workers are in deplorable conditions as never before. The main reason is the collapse of the plantation industry, ”said the MP.

He said the promised wages are not paid to plantation workers because the management companies claim they do not have enough income. ” So what is the solution ? The issue of salaries has been handed over to justice and all are asleep, ”he added.

MP Ganesan said that the income of people living in the estates should be increased. He suggested that plantation workers should have the right to engage in other employment. “We have to offer opportunities for breeding and market gardening. The government should provide assistance for the latter, ”he said.


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