Department of Animal Husbandry Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Digital University

The Department of Livestock is creating a system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to facilitate livestock traceability, electronic veterinary health record and service delivery.

The department signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday with Digital University Kerala (DUK) which will provide the necessary technical solutions.

Part of e-Samrudha, a comprehensive IT initiative of the department, the RFID-based animal traceability and livestock augmentation system will be piloted in Pathanamthitta district covering 75,000 cattle, the Minister of Livestock said. J. Chinchurani.

The benefits include creating a centralized electronic veterinary record for the state and improving the delivery of veterinary services and disease control mechanisms, the Department of Livestock and DUK said.

In addition, sector-related activities such as animal husbandry, production and insurance management are expected to benefit, they said. The RFID-based system also helps track animal movements across the state.

According to the minister, the government sanctioned 7.28 crore under the Rebuild Kerala initiative for its deployment. The project will be extended to other neighborhoods in due course.

Currently, yellow plastic ear tags are used for such purposes as animal insurance, vaccination, and loans. But they have a number of limitations, according to the ministry.

The new injectable cylindrical RFID tag – 12mm long and 2.2mm in diameter – is made of biocompatible glass that meets the standards of the International Committee for the Registration of Animals (ICAR). It is placed at the base of a cow’s left ear and is compatible with RFID readers and mobile applications.

Each animal is marked from birth. Once placed, it can follow an animal throughout its life, breeding officials said.

A. Kowsigan, Director, Animal Husbandry, and UK Vice-Chancellor Saji Gopinath signed the MoU in the presence of the Minister of Livestock.

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