DEME hires Barge Master for vineyard 1

DEME Offshore US and Barge Master have entered into a five-year agreement that will see them work together to develop motion compensation platforms to be installed on barges for the Vineyard Wind 1 project, located off the coast of Massachusetts.

In 2021, DEME Offshore US has been awarded a transport and installation contract for the 62 GE Haliade offshore wind turbines for the Vineyard Wind 1 project. In addition to the installation of the turbines, DEME Offshore will take care of the transport and installation of the monopile foundations, transition pieces, offshore substation and scour protection for wind turbine foundation, and offshore substation foundation and platform.

DEME is partnering with US company Foss Maritime to develop a smart supply barge concept to ensure it is fully Jones Act compliant. The four motion compensation platforms that DEME is developing with Barge Master will be installed on the Foss Maritime barges.

This solution will allow wind turbine components to be transported from US ports to DEME’s offshore installation vessels. Coming alongside an installation vessel, motion compensation technology will help ensure safe lifting operations.

DEME, Foss Maritime and Barge Master plan to launch two fully equipped smart supply barges in spring 2023.

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