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Pro-circularity model reduces manufacturing energy requirements by 95%

Bringing sustainable innovation to the construction industry in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Group subsidiary and national leader in fully integrated aluminum manufacturing, Alumex PLC, has announced the revolutionary launch of low carbon aluminum for the global market. The company’s new “Ozon” low carbon aluminum line follows the successful opening of Phase 1 of the manufacturer’s new state-of-the-art smelting facility in Sapugaskanda to develop export markets. With an investment of over Rs. 1 billion, capacity building will continue in a second phase.

Incorporating the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies in the world, the new plant allows Alumex to produce the highest quality aluminum billets using only 5% of the total energy consumed in the manufacture of aluminum. primary aluminum from bauxite. Other automation-focused optimizations are expected to reduce power consumption by up to 20%.

According to the managing director of Alumex PLC, Pramuk Dediwela, the material should give new impetus to the efforts of the Sri Lankan construction sector to sustainably reduce its environmental and carbon footprint. Its newly launched brand for its raw material “Ozon” will maintain the exporter’s commitment to the highest global quality standards. Given the high demand from overseas buyers for Ozon Billets, especially from the US, UK, Europe and Australia markets, Low Carbon Aluminum is helping us generate increased export revenue to the country.

“Aluminum is a material with infinite possibilities and an almost unlimited life cycle. When processed properly, it can be used, melted and reshaped with near zero loss of quality and physical integrity. Our new facility supports our efforts to enable greater circularity, significantly reduce our environmental impact and energy dependence, and deliver the highest quality products in South Asia to local and global markets.

Following commitments made under the Hayleys Lifecode – which requires all Hayleys Group companies to realign their operations towards a unified approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, Alumex has adjusted its strategic priorities by placing greater emphasis on focus on export development through sustainability.

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