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Press release

As part of its global vision, The Coca-Cola Company aims to act in ways that create a more sustainable and shared future that makes a difference in the lives of people, communities and our planet. Therefore, it is on the mark when the organization shows up and is part of a solution to something the country is facing.

The company has launched its 2022 tree planting campaign, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Department of Punjab (EPD) and the Lahore Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA). As part of this initiative, they will plant 30,000 saplings in Lahore, during the current monsoon season.

Everyone has experienced the effects of climate change due to rising temperatures and, more recently, nationwide flooding due to excessive rainfall. One of the first lines of defense against the climate crisis is trees, especially the planting of native trees.

The activity brought together Coca-Cola employees. By actively encouraging employee involvement, Coca-Cola aims to inspire positive change in communities and foster a culture of philanthropy.

Senior management from all collaborating organizations also took part in the planting activity, including; Fahad Ashraf, Vice President Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan, Dr. Naeem Rauf, Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection, Punjab, Mian Shakeel Ahmed, Secretary, Department of Housing, Urban Development and Public Health, Punjab , and Umar Jahangir, Managing Director, Parks & Horticulture Authority, Lahore.

The Coca-Cola Company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities are integrated into its business strategy. They focus on areas where they can have a measurable, positive impact on the communities they serve around the world.

As part of The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to the communities where it operates and strives to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment. Last year, Coca-Cola paved Pakistan’s first plastic road on Ataturk Avenue in Islamabad to demonstrate the collection and reuse of PET plastic waste on a large scale.

Also, as Pakistan is a water-stressed country, the company has an extensive water management portfolio with over 9 projects in partnership with its Coca-Cola Içecek bottlers and leading NGOs.

The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan and Afghanistan Region has spent more than $10 million over the past 8 years to expand and develop its sustainability portfolio which focuses on relief efforts, management water, environmental development, women’s empowerment, education and recycling.

Among all these projects, the most ambitious is the World Without Waste. Launched in 2018, the company aims to help collect and recycle one bottle or can – no matter where it comes from – for every bottle the company sells by 2030.

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