Chief Wildlife Warden JK launches planting campaign in Khunmoh – Kashmir Reader

Inauguration of the Khrew Pampore Range Office

PAMPORE: A winter planting campaign was launched by Chief Wildlife Warden of Jammu and Kashmir Suresh Kumar Gupta at Range Khrew Wildlife Khaarhajan Khunmoh Wildlife Sanctuary on Wednesday.
J&K Chief Wildlife Warden, Suresh Kumar Gupta was accompanied by Wildlife Warden Kashmir Rashid Yahya Nakash, Wildlife Warden Dachigam Altaf Hussain,
Environmental Lawyer Adv Nadeem Qadri and other wildlife department officials.
The planting campaign was organized by the wildlife protection department and was launched by Chief Wildlife Warden J&K Suresh Kumar Gupta, who was warmly welcomed by officials, employees, students and volunteers. by Go Green Kashmir.
During winter planting, drive J&K Chief Wildlife Warden, Suresh Kumar Gupta alongside Kashmir Wildlife Warden Rashid Yahya Nakash, Dachigam Wildlife Warden Altaf Hussain, Environmental Advocate Adv Nadeem Qadri, Range Ranger Khrew Khursheed Ahmad and other wildlife department protection officers, students from Khunmoh Government Higher Secondary School, Go Green Kashmir staff and volunteers planted a number of trees in a wildlife sanctuary, officials told Kashmir Reader.
Prior to planting, the Chief Wildlife Warden, J&K, pledged to partner with the wildlife department to save forests and forest life.
Participants also took an oath and pledged to protect forests and wild animals.
Later J&K Chief Wildlife Warden Suresh Kumar visited Khrew Pampore and inaugurated the Khrew Range Office in the presence of Kashmir Regional Wildlife Warden Rashid Nakash, Wildlife Warden Dachigam Altaf Hussain, Ranger Khursheed Ahmad, Lawyer Nadeem Qadri in the Shar Shali area of ​​Pampore.
Wildlife officials, employees and students were also present for the occasion.
Chief Wildlife Warden J&K handed out candies and chocolates to the students.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader at Khonmoh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chief Wildlife Warden J&K Suresh Kumar Gupta said the department annually planted fruit trees, fodder and shelters in the protected areas of the wildlife so that wild animals get food and shelter.
“Today we have started a winter planting campaign here in Khunmoh Forest Conservation Reserve, this year’s target for low cost planting and intervention is around 8 lakh” , he said, adding that they had planted different trees, including Wild Apple, Chesu Nut and Qiro.
He advised people not to panic in case they found a wild animal wandering in the nearby forest area.
“They must inform us or the local police so that the animal can be professionally taken care of,” he said.
He also advised people to play their part in conserving protected forest areas.
He informed that they have inaugurated an office building for the beach so that it can be used by the personnel concerned.
He told Kashmir Reader that they have a RAFEX budget for casual workers who were registered in 2016-17.
Under the CAMPA program, some people are hired to fight forest fires and manage human-wildlife conflicts.
He said they get paid a hiring fee
“During previous governments many people came with slips of politicians to be hired under CAMPA, we have streamlined and further streamlining will be done to keep only genuine people,” a- he declared.

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