Cattle herders in Iran sell cattle as feed prices soar sixfold

The six-fold increase in feed prices in Iran has caused a wave of bankruptcies among cattle farmers, forcing them to sell their starving or half-dead cows at lower prices to slaughterhouses.

According to a report by Shargh Daily on Sunday, there are long queues of cattle at slaughterhouses as supply is high and demand is low due to the dire economic situation in the country.

Cattle Supply Council chairman Mansour Purian said the cattle have become weak and lost a lot of weight, adding that these cheap cattle have a lot of customers in Arab countries, so smugglers sell these cows to them. half dead to be fed in their equipped farms.

On the other hand, the low purchasing power of Iranians has considerably reduces demand for meat by 50% last year, which resulted in the elimination of many small farmers from the supply chain.

Criticizing the government’s decision to raise feed prices for livestock, Nasser Ostad-Ahmadi, managing director of one of Iran’s largest agricultural cooperatives, told the daily that “in the history of livestock Iranian, before and after the revolution, he had never We have seen that the government multiplies by six the price of a commodity overnight.

Soybean, barley and maize meal for cattle and chicken feed are mainly imported from Russia and other countries. Any shortage or price hike can drive up the price of meat even more.

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