Black panther spotted in a rubber plantation


A BLACK panther has been spotted wandering around a rubber plantation near Raub, Pahang, China Press reports.

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks is trying to capture him.

It has been reported that a rubber tapper known only as Rosli, 56, was surprised when he spotted the panther at 8 a.m. while he was working several days ago.

Rosli immediately reported the matter to Raub’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

After receiving the report, department officials investigated the case and discovered a half-eaten wild boar near where the panther was first spotted.

The panther is considered dangerous and plans have been made to capture and release it in a national park.

The department set up a cage in the rubber plantation and used a live goat as bait in hopes of trapping the animal.

The black panther is the melanistic color variant of the leopard and jaguar, and is commonly found in rainforests.

The Malaysian jungle is known to be home to the largest population of black panthers in the world.

> A dog was seen wearing a mask while riding a motorbike with its owner in Johor, China Press reports.

Images of the particular view were recently uploaded to Facebook showing the dog riding in the front basket of the bike.

Attached to the dog’s face was unmistakably a white mask.

The surfer who posted the video also mocked those who refused to comply with standard operating procedures for Covid-19, saying they “should be responsible like the dog.”

Many internet users have praised the owner for taking precautions to protect his pet.

> A former Chinese finance minister who died last week reportedly burned paper offerings to his late wife before his house caught fire, China Press reports.

Jin Renqing, 77, was injured by a fire in his home on the night of July 27, but later died in a hospital despite receiving emergency treatment.

The widower reportedly burned offerings to his wife that night, which started a fire in his office.

As Jin had difficulty moving around, it caused him serious injuries from the fire which later led to his death.

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