Artificial Intelligence and IoT Embedded in Livestock Breeding and Trading in India

Artificial intelligence helps herders in livestock trading and tracking.

MoooFarm tests video and image machine learning (ML) analysis to predict which livestock to buy and which to avoid.

MoooFarm raised 18 crore in seed funding in January this year. The government also introduced apps such as e-Gopala in August 2020 to help farmers breed higher livestock and increase milk production.

According to an associate of Deloitte India, Anand Ramanathan, India is one of the world’s largest producers of milk and dairy products. Nevertheless, whatever its size, the Indian dairy industry remains dispersed. He also added that farmers can physically verify cattle breeds and milk production declarations using an online marketplace.

Developing a digital marketplace is not the end of technology implementation for start-ups. Every livestock entry on the MoooFarm platform is verified. Mooofarm started with a classified ads model, where farmers can post an ad and sell livestock. Now he’s moved to an inventory system, acquiring livestock through a combination of human technology and intervention.

MoooFarm tests video and image machine learning (ML) analysis to predict which livestock to buy and which to avoid. Before the pandemic, the company collaborated with machine learning to recognize cows.

He had developed an automated algorithm that could tell cows apart using cellphone cameras. The project was temporarily suspended due to the pandemic, but has since resumed. It is currently under development.

Kochi-based Brainwired has created a livestock health tracking and monitoring mechanism that uses ear tags of IoT technologies to monitor livestock vital signs and the reproductive cycle. The data is then processed by a Learning algorithm, which detects and alerts breeders in the event of ailments and pregnancy.

Maharashtra-based Chitale Dairy uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to recognize hundreds of animals across its various farms. Additionally, it migrated its entire software stack to the cloud. It has increased access to real-time data on animals, their health and milk processing plants.

Hydrogreens Agri Solutions, Bengaluru uses IoT sensors to check temperature and humidity levels in warehouses, and regulate water and airflow to deliver high quality fodder to farmers. Vasanth Madhav Kamath, founder of Hydrogreens, said: “Farmers have increased their yield by 2-3 liters by using green fodder”.

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