Andhra Pradesh dairy farmers warned of brucellosis in cattle

District Collector PS Girisha said on Monday that dairy farmers should be encouraged to have their cattle vaccinated against brucellosis. The Collector launched the “Brucellosis Vaccine” poster as part of the National Livestock Disease Vaccination Program undertaken by the Department of Livestock.

Mr. Girisha said the brucellosis vaccination program was being implemented across the country. Dairy farmers should be warned by relevant managers and field staff of the dangerous effects of the disease on their livestock.

“Vaccines are needed to prevent brucellosis. These vaccines should only be given to calves over four months and under eight months of age. Veterinarians would visit livestock owners and vaccinate the animals for free. Once vaccinated, cattle do not develop brucellosis for the rest of their lives. The first vaccination phase was completed last March and the program will be carried out in three phases this year,” he said.

The second phase will be held from July 1 to 10. The third phase will be held in September and dairy farmers need to be made aware of the importance of vaccination, he said.

“The disease is transmitted to humans in particular by cattle. Sooty cattle are more likely to have an abortion during the early and middle stages of the disease. Workers in slaughterhouses and veterinary units, especially those working in the leather industry, are at risk,” the collector said.

Senior officials from livestock and related departments took part in the event.

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