Andhra Pradesh: Anantapur livestock project manager ‘ends’ life in guest house

The Anantapur District Livestock Project Officer reportedly ended his life at a Livestock Department guest house on Tuesday afternoon.

The body of the official, identified as Mr. Ramu, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in the room.

According to I-Town police, a case has not yet been registered because Ramu’s wife, who works in Kurnool, wanted to consult with his family members before filing a complaint with the police.

A suicide note was reportedly found in the room. However, the police declined to provide details of the case.

According to sources, it was mentioned in the note, allegedly written by Ramu, that four people blackmailed him and demanded ₹50 lakh.

I-Town Police said they received no complaints from the deceased’s wife, who reached Anantapur on Tuesday evening.

Ramu, deputy director of the livestock department, was a veterinary doctor. He worked in Puttaparthi for some time before being brought to the DRDA as a deputy three months ago.

His colleagues said they found nothing wrong with Ramu, while others said he has not been in good health lately.

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