Record low-interest rates and strong competition on the payday loan market have a positive impact on the cost of credit and loans. This encourages borrowing the money needed for Christmas expenses. Futher reading at

Unfortunately, the fact is that prices in stores are higher than 12 months ago, and the expectations of many people (not just children) regarding gifts are increasing from year to year. It is a good idea to start looking for a Christmas loan in advance.

That is why, in the first half of December 2018, we decided to check the best Christmas loan offers.

Almost everyone will find a free payday loan


The competition between lenders is very high, which results in an interesting offer for their clients. Under current conditions, a free first loan is a practical market standard. Our analysis shows that this solution is offered by more than 40 lenders. That is why virtually every Pole, as a new customer of a payday loan company, can find a free online moment for themselves.

Particular attention should be paid to the proposals presented in the table below. It regards, among others about the offer of market leader Honest Bank, who borrows for free up to USD 3,000 and offers low costs for subsequent loans. Across Lender, i.e. a loan service with a similar offer (also in terms of costs), competes strongly with Honest Bank.

The offer of Fine Bank also deserves praise. This lender will borrow a maximum of less than Honest Bank and Across Lender (USD 2,000 instead of USD 3,000).

However, it should be remembered that Thrift Bank does not check information from BIK and does not require income certificates (just like Honest Bank).

Even 500 USD can be divided into convenient installments …


Some people prefer to spread Christmas debt over a longer period of time. Good Credit, among others, has a special offer for such clients.

This increasingly popular lender is not only characterized by the varied value of its loans (USD 1,000 – USD 15,000) and the length of the repayment period (4 months) – 48 months).

It is worth emphasizing that as part of the promotion for new customers, a voluntary and total return of payday loan before the expiry of 30 days results in the lack of commissions, interest and all fees.

The Good Credit client, who, however, cannot pay the debt before the end of the month, will be comfortable paying off the debt in previously agreed installments. 

Sean Cole experts note that three other lenders also have favorable repayment terms. Loans regularly appear in the Sean Cole rankings because of their low cost.

Their owners can distribute even a small amount (e.g. USD 500 – USD 2,000) into many monthly installments. The praise also deserves the possibility of moving installments (Secure Loans), payment of funds at the post office and repaying two loans at the same time not.

The banks’ payday loan offer always remains an alternative


In the context of Christmas borrowing needs, it’s worth remembering not only about the propositions of non-banking companies. National banks have also prepared special offers. The following suggestions deserve special attention:

  • Winter loan 0 from Fine Bank, which has a zero preparation fee, interest rate of only 6.9%, free life insurance and an amount of up to USD 50,000 (note: mentioned the loan is available online ONLY for new Fine Bank customers). 
  • A cash loan from Fine Bank ,lski, i.e. a very well-known and proven product that stands out due to its low costs, high flexibility (USD 1,000 – USD 160,000 up to 8) repayment years) and a lower interest rate when applying online. 
  • The Good Credit Bank Master Cash Loan tempting customers with a fixed interest rate guarantee, low interest (from 3.99% – 4.99%), up to USD 50,000 and possibilities settle all online formalities or receive cash at the branch.
  • In addition, in December 2018 and January 2019 new holders of a Master Cash Loan can easily postpone installment repayment by one month. Check 

Customers of domestic banks can finance December costs of purchase also thanks to a credit card or personal account credit.

Persons intending to choose such a banking product with a view of Christmas expenses should remember that the costs of having a credit limit will be borne throughout the year (regardless of its use) ).