Ag Society 2022 show poster unveiled

Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society has chosen its poster for the 2022 fair. Like all fairs that have come before it, the poster, designed by Vineyard artist Saundra LaBell, is sure to be ubiquitous next August. From t-shirts to tote bags to a variety of poster sizes for sale, LaBell’s artwork will forever be a part of event history; seen and enjoyed by thousands.

LaBell’s poster stood out from 31 submissions in the longstanding tradition of the poster design competition, according to a press release.

In an Ag Society announcement, LaBell, now a mother of two, recalled her own memories of the fair and all the excitement that came with it. “We always looked forward to the fair all summer when we were kids. The anticipation grew and grew as the days passed until we stood in that line… It was always the peak of excitement for me,” she said. Entering the fairgrounds, “the blurring of fairground rides, cotton candy and cattle mingles in my memory, so it’s hard to tell the fun of a fair from the fair of the year next”.

Now taking her daughters to the fair, LaBell reconnects with the childlike excitement.

“It’s so fun to hear them list the rides they want to do first and the animals they’re most looking forward to seeing,” she said in the statement.

These feelings of childlike innocence and unbridled excitement are what influenced its design, LaBell explained. The moments of waiting in line, leading to crossing the threshold of the four-day festivities.

“All different families and individuals wait with their own expectations and lists of what to do first. We may look different, or wait in different constellations of people, and have different priorities on what we do. should do first, but we’re all excited for the best day of summer… that’s what I wanted to capture.

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