A floating hospital, a lifeline for cattle

It comes to the aid of animals suffering from flood-related diseases in Kuttanad

It was the bellows of his cow and newborn calf that worried Joji Mathew the most when floodwaters began to enter the grounds of his home in North Veliyanadu in Kavalam last week.

At the time, the cow, which gave birth to the young bull on October 11, was ill and needed medical attention to get up.

“Although the floodwaters did not inundate the house and the barn, the whole area, including the roads, was submerged. I was concerned for my cow’s health as it was almost impossible for the vets to reach my home and provide care while wading through the flood waters, ”says Mathew.

Help at your fingertips

But all his fears were quickly dispelled when vets, part of a floating veterinary hospital in the breeding department, came to his home and took care of the sick cow before the floodwaters even began to pour in. to withdraw. After receiving treatment for days, the slaughtered cow slowly began to stand on her own.

A floating hospital, a lifeline for cattle

The latest wave of flooding in Kuttanad affected not only humans but also livestock. With several animals suffering from flood-related illnesses, the floating veterinary hospital has proven to be a lifeline for livestock in the flooded areas.

Following the floods, the floating hospital with doctors and medicines crossed the Kuttanad region to treat large numbers of cattle and other animals.

“The recent flood flooded a number of hospitals and veterinary clinics in Kuttanad and left them dysfunctional for several days. The floating veterinary hospital has, however, helped us provide care and treatment for the animals, including in remote areas of the region, ”an official said.

Charter boat

Although the floating hospital was launched a few years ago, it really flourished after the 2018 flood. The department hired a boat for this purpose.

“Previously, we had our own ship, which operated as a floating hospital. The boat was then condemned. Although there was a proposal to buy a new boat, the idea was abandoned due to the exorbitant cost and the department rented a boat, ”adds the manager.

Apart from the floods, the floating hospital sails to different parts of Kuttanad three times a week.

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